Sunday, 31 January 2010

Relentless...Young Guns

Straight off the stage and dripping in sweat, an out of breath, and poorly, Gustav Wood poses for countless pictures and signs tickets, EPs, t shirts and, erm, skin only added to the butterflies in their young fan's stomachs. A relentless street team add name upon name to their mailing list. Surely working tirelessly night after night to promote these guys must take its toll? Not on a diet of 'caffeine pills, whisky and lovely young men'. That's gotta be better than Atkins!

Rewind to about 40 minutes earlier...Next on the Kerrang! Relentless Energy tour bill was Young Guns. As usual, the High Wycombe quintet ceased to disappoint with loud and bouncing choruses and riffs to melt your face with. The massive sweaty teen filled mosh pit grew and grew with Weight of the World and in reward they were crowned 'easily the best fucking crowd of the whole tour.' Cheers Mr Wood! Sweaty and poorly but no less energetic, Young Guns are continuing to secure their unshakable place on the British music scene.


P.S. Fun Tuesday = Free Tuesday!

Relentless...My Passion

So this week I was lucky enough to make up one tiny part of the sold-out mob at the Kerrang! Relentless Energy 2010 tour. Cardiff leg. 

Dirty fun makers, My Passion proved more than just eyeliner, hair that makes Jedward jealous and rock-opera esque threads with harder rock hits and big mosh-along choruses.

 From start to finish massive mosh pits circled the floor and sweaty teens bashed the crap out of each other (in the good, healthy way, natch). Laurence Rene's onstage acrobatics were nothing to be sniffed at neither was the banter with the crowd: "This song is for you. Now drop your pants" and "Cardiff you are definitely contenders for the best crowd on tour" got us all laughing and pumped for the rest of the set that def didn't disappoint.

The merch table was nothing short of genius with signed sandwiches and Sprite swaggers. I had a chat with a happy bassist Simon Rowlands who  mentioned about springtime studio plans adding My Passion "loves being on tour...we are a touring band."  We'll look forward to next time then.


P.S. Keep an eye out for the first BBPD competition. You, BBPD Followers, could win some free stuff.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Odd Bod. Odd Blood.

Yeasayer. The sheer name of these musicians whips most into a frenzy of excitement. For god reason too. Grab yourself a slice of the psychadelic, eighties disco pie at the band's website.


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Fun Tuesday Tsunami

Fun Tuesday has come back around again. You lucky blighters have already had one slice of fun, fresh and free music this week with Young Guns' Winter Kiss but prepare yourselves for the tsunami of free downloads from Swansea rock starfish...too far with the ocean metaphors? Yeah? Ok, fair enough....where was I? Oh yeah, Swansea rock stars Tidal have released their free debut EP at Tidal, completed by Ollie Hine (vocals), Adam Vaughan (guitar/vox), Joe Lewis (bass) and Joe Wilkes (drums), are another string to the axe that is the South Wales rock music talent pool. Expect gritty vox and raucus riffs mixed with smouldering basslines and ear-bleeding percussions.

This week, BBPD has gone OTT for Tidal.


Monday, 25 January 2010

Musical Mulled Wine

Get your lip balm at the ready for a Winter Kiss. Here's the only link you need today. Download Young Guns' new single, Winter Kiss by clicking this link.

You won't be disappointed.


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Free Winter Warmer


Direct from YoungGunsUK Twitter HQ...It's free AND legal AND warmer than a Buffalo Mulled Wine in a Christmas jumper.  From the more-ish Mirrors quintet to you and your beloved iPod.

Winter Kiss for free download. YES! Get in Young Guns, get in!
Check back at midnight to find out where...


Deep Gems Do It Better

Take some noise rock, a large splash of electro pop and fold in a smidgen of Italo Disco. Don't forget the essential vocal spices of Ida No and a dash of sweet Johnny Jewel synths. Bake on an oh-so-cool heat until the indie beats are golden and crisp with a massive bounce. To complete your Glass Candy treats add a neon pink frosting of volume.

Fashion show favourites to get you ready for the floor  with Beatific and Sugar and Whitebread beats ready in the wings to soothe your blues away. Keep in mind, Italians Do It Better. Check them out on tour across Europe from January 29th in Berlin (fear not, GC are in London January 30th). PHEW!

The myspace for you:


Friday, 22 January 2010

Kase Klosed

Kase loves Pretty Girls and Raybans, apparently. But who can blame him?
 You can hear why he loves them so by clicking here.


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A Cardifferent Brand of Rock

Cardifferent post-hardcore rockers Attack! Attack! invited you to stream, listen and experience what has Kerrang!'s Ryan Bird excited to the point of a 4K! rating. Noting This Is A Test and Lights Out are rife with "near-perfect combinations of catchiness and power". The man has a point. What do you think?

Follow the link to rock heaven.
Attack! Attack!

The Tafia band are also set to ignite Cardiff's Barfly on May 9th 2010. Tickets are GBP9 and available from Big Cartel.
See you there.


Three Hundred and Sixty Eight Down

Rock City throbbed tonight with an all but sold out crowd as the Sheila-singing Brit rap lad, Jamie T kicked off his postponed-since-Autumn UK Tour in Nottingham. It was an all-in-capitals incredible gig. Jamie T and The Pacemakers were blinding. Everywhere from the mosh pit to the back of mob and beyond was a sweaty revelation. The Jager fuelled shapeshifting that ensued is going to be a wee bit sore tomorrow and only to be soothed by more punk-rap and metal hurling itself upon my frontal lobes. I defy anyone to disagree.

Playing an array of tracks from both Panic Prevention (2007) and Kings & Queens (2009), as well as forthcoming single Emily's Heart and a selection of B-sides, proved popular with a crowd who couldn't contain their outbursts of rap-along efforts; especially with Sheila and Sticks & Stones which was one third of their en core. Every song performed with vim and vigour leaving our mouths watering and yearning for more.

The low point of the entire night (yes, sadly there was a low point) was the end. After the en core was over and the metaphorical curtain came down, we got chased out into the cold by a very burly, grumpy Russian bouncer and into next door's Venue for indie riffed shapeshifting.

A night packed with riffs, rap and rock 'n roll from Britain's favourite punk-rap renegade. Same shit band too much hype? No Mr T, this definitely is not you.


Monday, 18 January 2010

Fun 'n Free Tuesday....Early

Fun Tuesday is coming early. Mostly because BBPD loves you. Partly because tomorrow we will be rocking out with punk-rap-reggae troubadour Jamie T in Nottingham's Rock City.

Nine Inch Nails have given you the gift of music. Live music. Their live music for free. Available to download in a plethora of formats to suit you.
This One Is On NIN

Another Version Of The Truth (YouTube)

Thank you Mr Reznor!


Jimmy, Jack and The Edge. In your pocket.

Our beloved electric guitar has a story steeped in history. A story being told, in this instance, by 3 generations of rock music's virtuosos: Led Zep's Jimmy Page, U2's The Edge and The White Stripe's Jack White reveal how their personal style and unique sound developed with their favourite instrument. Prepare to be taken on a journey of musical rebellion and discovery.

"The three of us get together. What's gonna happen? Probably a fist fight." - Jack White

The Loud Trailer

The Loud Website
Released back in 2008, we here at BBPD Towers are in love with iTunes for giving us this rockin' film as a download. Our iTouches have never been so epic.


It's Big and It's Back

That's right Kids. New Music Monday has come back around and I for one am all the more happier for it. Today is no exception.

Tafia legends Lost Prophets released their 4th album today. If you're a fan of Cancer Bats, old school-rock Prophets and, erm, Joy Division then this is an album you should get involved with. And maybe even make it breakfast in the morning. Next Stop Atro City reminisces Prophets' anthems of yesteryear by channelling that unmistakable Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja Vibe that got us stuck on Ian and the boys way back when. If If It Wasn't For Hate is anything to go Watkins has obviously been listening to a lot of Joy Division and translating their cool melancholy in this track. All in all a good rock record with a Liberation Transmission pop, Start Something grit and Fake Sound Of Progress' inexplicable rock 'n roll. The Betrayed. Nice one butt! (It's ok. I'm Welsh).

Motion City Soundtrack. An emo-rock band with less than enough coverage. Their latest record, My Dinosaur Life, is an absolute triumph and if it's possible, may even trump it's predecessor Even If It Kills Me. But here's the thing, if Even If It Kills Me was oh so epic, then how can MDL possibly top it I hear you say? Well, in short, it just does. Packed to the rafters with riffs. Angsty-pop-punk lyrics that I defy you not to sing along to. A dozen gems that will  have you shapeshifting in your kitchen and dominating the mosh pit. Standout tracks: Her Words Destroyed My Planet, The Weakends and A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help).

My two for today.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Love is in the Airwaves.

Valentine's Day is just any other day filled with either lavish gestures from a loved one and a romantic dinner for two or a Chinese take away, bottle or 2 of White Zinfandel and anti-chick flicks. Depending on your circumstances of course. (You bring the wine, I'll bring the, erm, wine? Yes? Brilliant.) This year may pan out slightly differently. Instead of the anti-chick flick you could entertain yourself with the DVD-album combo aptly titled Love from Angels and Airwaves.
A pre-Hallmark-Holiday gift for you love from me. The Love trailer.
I LOVE This Trailer.

Or get yourself in the mood with Blur  and their documentary No Distance Left To Run.

"The film finds Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn, Alex James and Dave Rowntree set to perform together for the first time in nine years. Intimate new interviews recount the highs and lows of Blur: from Colchester to Goldsmiths, throughout the heady Britpop years and the band's headline return at Glastonbury and Hyde Park."

No Distance Left To Run Trailer

Both bands release their musical lovelies on DVD format on February 15th.

With love.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Nearly a Fun 'n Free Saturday

I am too excited about the next Fun Tuesday excited that I am THIS close to ruining it and making it a Fun 'n Free Saturday instead with your weekly free music download. BUT I just can't do it. Sorry. Spoiler alert: Trent is The Gift.

If my uber cryptic clue hasn't helped then hopefully this picture will.

Until Tuesday, well for the download anyway.


Rock Stars Help Haiti Earthquake Appeal

As the earthquake in Haiti has rocked the headlines around the world this week, with an estimated 50,000 dead and thousands injured, it seems that all of our favourite artists are doing their bit to help survivors. The reformed Blink 182 are selling special edition t shirts for the Red Cross' Haiti Relief work from their online store 100% of all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

Arcade Fire's Win Butler and Regine Chassagne have posted a pleading note on their official website urging fans to donate money to non-profit organisation, Partners In Health. The messages reads: Friends, Haiti needs your help in her darkest hour. We just got off the phone with our friends at Partners In Health. Most of the medical infrastructure in Port-au-Prince is down. Since Partners In Health's clinics are situated in the surrounding areas and haven't been damaged, they are mobilising their resources towards the capital, setting-up field hospitals to treat the injured on the ground...Please be generous as time is of the essence." This recent natural tradegy has hit the band hard as Chassagne's family emigrated to Canada from Haiti before she was born but her ties to the island were highlighted on the band's debut album, Funeral.

Humanitarians Coldplay's Chris Martin and Glasto darling Emily Eavis are also actively urging us all to donate to an essential cause.

Places you can donate:
You know what to do.

Hold Me Down

My new favourite band, as of mid 2009, You Me At Six, have a lovely 2 part podcast on Josh and Matt chat to K! about Hold Me Down, scurrying to Mum and give away random shit from their pockets. Enjoy trusty followers.


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Fun Tuesday

Free stuff for Fun Tuesday. Two full length albums for you. For free.
First up is a band called Canterbury. Their full length album was actually released back in November for free download from Make sure you join James, Luke, Ben, Mike and Scott on their rock tour kicking off February 5th at London's Scala. Nothing will kick those snow-piss winter blues into touch quite like it.

Detroit's The Armed are inflicting some 'rock n roll apocalypse' on your ears over at Do it. 'Nuff said.


Happy Monday!

It's Monday. And that means one thing and one thing only. NEW RELEASES. And today pulled a corker, namely with Vampire Weekend's Contra. I'm not gonna lie, it is delightful. Think traditional Vampire lyrics combined with delicate xylophonic poppy melodies and danceable beats on top of electric blooms. Their first single, Cousins, sets the bar but with tunes like Horchata, Run and California English, Contra definitely will not disappoint.

My favourite Surrey rockers released their sophomore album today. One word. Fan-effin-tastic. You Me At Six have hit back with bold, grit and attutide to boot with Hold Me Down. With all due respect, I for one am glad Josh Franceschi and his now-girlf-again broke up before recording got underway; a happy rock album would not have been bad but this anger and frustration at life fuelled offering is the genuine article. A slight RIOT! (Paramore) undertone, not imitation, but this is to no detriment to either band or album. My Heads A Prison And Nobody Visits, Playing The Blame Game and first single, Underdog are up there as my favourites in an excellent bunch of all killer no filler. I am rife with anticipation for the forthcoming tour...bring it on lads!

They're electronic. They're indie. They're full of on-the-surface sacharine. Think Foals but fluffier and you've got Delphic. Acolyte is an anthology of tracks just chomping at the bit to help you get your glad rags on and ready for the 'floor and yet all the while patiently waiting to soothe your hangover away the next day (cup of Quickie or Atack tea in 1 hand, BP bacon butty in the other, obvs). I am loving Red Lights and Halcyon for the former, title track Acolyte for the latter and This Momentary for both situations. Get your ears ready to have those January-I'm-SO-skint blues soothed away. Thank you Delphic!

These are my faves of the day. Please comment your favourite new releases below.
Happy Monday and have a fun Tuesday (I'm off for some fun in The Don until Thursday).


Friday, 8 January 2010

N Dubz make a point

Now it is no secret that I am, infact, not N Dubz biggest fan or that I enjoyed more than a spot of 2009's The X Factor, but the blond N Dubz vocalist, Tulisa, well that girl has a great point regarding the nation's favourite reality TV show. The 'singer' was quoted on, saying: "It's annoying watching X Factor contestants just come up there and become worldwide acts selling millions of records after just standing in a queue for an hour." Adding "It's annoying but because I'm selling records without the power of The X Factor...if they came out off their own bat and not X Factor wouldn't sell ten records so then you've got to remind yourself of that." Because she may just be right. Had anyone heard of Leona Lewis or bought a JLS CD before the shot to fame on X Factor? No? Me neither.

Tulisa joins the likes of Sting and Rage Against The Machine, via Jon Morter, in being just a handful of the artists speaking out against the Simon Cowell karaoke kings dominating our charts and, arguably, strangling our beloved British music industry. On November Sting treated The One Show audience to snacks from his latest album and notede that the 'real music' was made in pubs around Britain not on the cover-band stage of The X Factor. He has a point. Add the contest from other bands, from SiCow 'stars', the obstacle of loopholes in Spotify and illegal downloads and pitfalls of single-song downloads on iTunes. New artists have a tougher time than ever to get noticed, be heard and make their talents lucrative. In our internet, have-it-now, Primark generation, artists have to be so much more than just relevant and excellent lyricists. It seems musicians must be collumnists and fashion designers; both All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth and Slipknot's Corey Taylor have collumns in Rock Sound where Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes and You Me At Six's Josh Franchesi both have clothing ranges, and whatever else gets thrown their way.
In short, something's gotta give to get our home-grown, raw talent seen and heard. RATM's Christmas number 1 was definitely a great start in this much-needed protest and Spotify admitting they made a mistake in thinking happy record label = happy artist (read Pete Waterman's article on the Swedish streaming superhouse Spotify from The Times Lifestyle supplement from last Sunday). Has anyone downloaded the brand new music from industry babies for free from Frostwire or the like? Yes? Yikes, me too -New Years resolution number 3 was to not download any music for free this year unless the artist distributes it so. See Angels and Airwaves Love release on Feb 14th.

Rant over. Comments below.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


OK, so it is still pissing down with snow, my cassette-wielding car is still stranded at the stables and somehow I have still made it to work. Everyday. Early. What's that about? But whilst on the train this evening, inbetween paragraphs of HST's Generation Of Swine, I got to thinking about what I am looking forward to.
Number 1) Kicking off my birthweek with Young Guns, All Time Low , The Blackout and My Passion on The Kerrang! Relentless Energy Tour hitting Cardiff on January 29th to . I literally tingle with excitement. Info here and beyond:

Number 2) The vast number of immense gigs and albums gracing our shores over the forthcoming months; 30STM (Actor-cum-rockband not to everyone's taste, but I find them inoffensive...sorry Ian Watkins!), You Me At Six, Reel Big Fish, The Temper Trap, Fightstar, Dead By Sunrise...KISS!

Number 3) I love A Sides! And B Sides! The possibility of a cassette revival leaves me salivating a little bit (is that wrong? Oh well, if La Roux's hair doesn't have to be right then neither do I!). Is anyone else stoked to make a proper stop-record-pause-rewind-stop-record-stop-playback mixtape!? The Tapeworm are a cassette only label helping keep the magnetic-recording dream alive. For more info

Number 4) A Mark Hoppus-Pete Wentz hair-off! Sadly, this is made up but how great would that be? Well, until PeWe lost his emo-fringe to the mercy of Mark's clippers. In reality, the punk pair teamed up to create a tune for Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. PeWe hasn't ruled out further work with the Blink-bassist assuring us 'it sounds nothing like Blink 182 or Fall Out Boy' (from Yahoo news UK). No hint of sarcasm, my breath is actually baited.

Number 5) Praise be for Christmas anarchy! As if splattering Joe McElderry's sad cover of Miley Cyrus's The Climb all over his Christmas pudding wasn't enough, Rage Against The Machine promise of a victory gig. This year. In the UK. For free! Should be. According to this week's Kerrang! magazine Mr Morello and his angry mob 'couldn't be more excited about it' and say the free show will be 'insane'. On top of all this the US politcal-rockers donated all the GBP800,000 (yeah, my pound sign doesn't work. Brilliant) profits from their Christmas Number 1 to UK charity, Shelter. RATM - we salute you.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Judging an album by it's cover

After Muse winning the Best Vinyl Artwork Cover 2009 for the cover, those helpful and witty lads over at have stacked a mini-list of some of the best album covers over the years featuring great covers from The Beatles and Nirvana to Pink Floyd and The Clash. Here it is. Enjoy.


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The guys over at Stereogum have compiled one hell of must-have albums list. They've not given a meek 5, 10 or even 25 but a flabbergasting 69 indie records that you simply must have by this time next year. Oh yeah, 2010 is gonna be good!

Highlights for me include Vampire Weekend's Contra, The Avalanches' follow up to 2000's Since I Met You, MGMT with Congratulations and Los Campesinos! tell us Romance is boring. Other rightfully anticipated indie gems will be winging there way to our iTunes from Fleet Foxes, The National, Hot Chip, Arcade Fire, Of Montreal, Drive By Truckers (trust me on this one) and The Walkmen.

January 12th. You have a date at HMV with Vampire Weekend. Don't forget.


Live You Me At Six webchat

Live webcam chat with Surrey rock-darlings You Me At Six via Gigwise tomorrow, January 6th, at 4pm GMT. Perhaps it should have been At 6 not 4 though boys? You Me At 4 just doesn't have the same ring!
Here's the link. You know what to do.


Fun Tuesday Favourites

A couple of today's good music news stories...

Despite recently taking themselves out of the gig circuit and reportedly selling off all of their equipment, Nine Inch Nails are heading back into the studio to work on new material for NIN and other fruitful side-projects. On official website, Trent Reznor writes "2010 has a number of things planned including new material for Nine Inch Nails and something else that isn't Nine Inch Nails. I am in a state of rediscovery and reinvention that feels unfamiliar, unsure and exactly what I need." Hopefully the new record will be less confused than the brilliant, Reznor.

Indie lads, The Courteeners, are set to release a brand new single titled You Overdid It Doll on February 15th. Vocalist Liam Fray believes 2010 is the year for The Courteeners to take off and is they're 'stretching their wings for pastures new'. Before your think this could mean a hiatus for the Mancunian legends, think again; according to their forthcoming album Falcons is set for release on February 22nd 2010.

Matt Bellamy and co must be beaming today as Muse win the award for Best Art Vinyl of 2009 for the artwork in their latest record, The Resistance, designed by La Boca Design. Also in the running were Manic Street Preachers' Journal For Plague Lovers and Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown.

Head over to to check out behind the scenes footage of their recent Family Force 5 photoshoot for their recent Introducing feature. The Atlanta party boys have been massive hits on the Myspace scene (a mere 261322 friends and songs reaching over 6 million plays!) creating an ever growing party-rocking-moshing-dancing fan base who are 'WILD'. Get crunk-rocking over at

Watch the Ian Drury story unfold in forthcoming movie Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. Advanced screenings on January 8th 2010.

Local punk legends, John Q Public support purile comedy rockers, Kunt and the Gang in Cardiff Barfly on February 2nd. Ticket details at Be there.

Finally, get your tickets for the Shockwave NME Awards tour to catch the reincarnated Hole and Babyshambles. They join Hadouken!, British Sea Power and The Sunshine Underground at Camden's KOKO. For full details of all the acts on the Shockwaves NME tour head to

Get the Guns' eye view of studio life as they talk babes, one-take wonders and shooting the video for their brand new single, Winter Kiss. Watch out for head-teacher horror stories and basement anecdotes from the old school maintainance dude. At time of blogging this Young Guns insider video only had 19 views!

Make sure you catch the High Wycombe fivesome on the 2010 Kerrang! Relentless Energy Tour kicking off on January 22nd at Dublin Academy alongside The Blackout, My Passion and headliners All Time Low. For more info, K! Tour blog and ticket details go to


Monday, 4 January 2010

Music Monday....

You Me At Six start their make-it or break-it year off with a bang. If Underdog is anything to go by, I would neither write off the Surrey Quintet just yet nor expect Take Off Your Colours: The Sequel. Instead, YMAS are kicking that 'pop-punk' demeanour to the curb and this time round hitting back with a more grit, less sugar.
Looking forward to the release of their January 11th record Hold Me Down? Me too. Here's a little snack to satisfy your YMAS appetite until then.

The Temper Trap made it's way into my iTunes (yes, I know, I know perhaps a little slow getting there but it's been Christmas and others needed music for their ears more than me!) and my heart this weekend with their album Conditions. The stand out tracks for me being TTT's 2nd single, Fader and bonus track, Little Boy. If these guys don't make an appearance at this year's epic Glasto (and the other summer Festivals too, obvs) I will be very, very, very, very surprised!

Gothic-electronic pop. That is what local Leeds' label, Dance To The Radio, have unleashed onto the Great British public with self-confessed "nightmare" poppers Esben and the Witch. Check them out live during January and February as they tour the UK. Their synthed-up brand gothic-melancholy-pop samples walkie-talkie radio dubbed over delicate melodies. Check them out on and download their album 33 for free on Whichever way you hear this unique trio of Southeners, def make a date to see them live.

Alexisonfire vocalist, Dallas Green's takes a non-break from his witty Canadian rock fleet to work on solo project City and Colour - expect less screaming but no less depth and angst ridden lyrics with glorious 6-stringed melodies. This only makes my lust to live across the pond grow more than just a tad. I definitely won't be alone in pleaing for some UK dates for both bands please Mr Green!


Sunday, 3 January 2010

30 Seconds To Prophets?

Now, we all know Ian Watkins is never backwards in coming forwards when it comes to voicing his opinion on matters of the world and beyond and, erm, Jared Leto. Could this latest YouTube video, 30 Seconds To Previews, spell an end to this feud? No? Didn't think so. BUT it does give us a lovely little sneak peak and preview into The Betrayed, Prophets' January release.


Albums I just can't wait for

A brand new year and a brand new batch of bands, albums and thrashing riffs to assault and soothe our frontal lobes. I've boshed together a little list of the bands, albums and must-see gigs to be heard in the coming months.

My Chemical Romance have been back in the studio creating a quick, uplifting and exploding record. Set to be released in the Spring, this self-confessed "personal backlash" to 2006's The Black Parade promises to not be a cred-record for the Daily Mailers but rather an ode to themselves and a breath of fresh air for their fans.

LA punkers, The Bronx, have spoken of their ambitiuos 2010 project of a remarkable double album featuring their firey punk rock riffs and Mariachi sunshine melodies of their 2009 alter-egos. Keep your eyes on Autumn for the release of what Matt Caughtran is "absolutely 100% certain it'll be titled The Bronx".

Chi Cheng may be absent but he is definitely still present in the content of Deftone's springtime offering. Expect "lightning in a bottle" and raw agression mixed with melodic riffs courtesy of Carpenter's 8 stringer and synthed up soundscapes. Prepare to be all at once soothed and "punched in the face".

If your iPod is Young Guns free you should be ashamed of yourself! Get yourself some asap. These guys easily put on one of the most energetic and rocking gigs I attened in 2009, with dazzling support from Accident Music and Straight Lines. Mirrors was delicious and I literally am bursting to eat up their Summer picnic of an album which will no doubt be packed full of riff-sandwiches and lyrical deserts. Pass the spoon!

2010 is the year that Taffy darlings, Lost Prophets, are phoenixing from under the radar, grabbing said radar and beating us with it; well maybe not us, but if I were Jared Leto I'd watch my back. The Betrayed hits our airwaves with shocking force on January 18th

While gritty Welsh pop-rockers, Kids In Glass Houses, unveil their Dirt to the world this March. Produced by Jason Perry (from 'A' fame so no relation to Katy sorry) this straight forward record promises to sound bigger and more dynamic than their junior Smart Casual of 2008.

Linkin Park are back shaking our ear lobes and eyeballs with some more experimental, rap-influenced rock beats. If I were you I would not expect another Minutes to Midnight though, Bennington describes this record as being a combo of the "psychadelic, trippy, complicated" and downright beautiful. I'll keep my ear to the ground for the imminent 2010 release date and title.

With Love from Angels and Airwaves coming to us on February 14th, none of us will be short of entertainment or cash as the album Love will be available for free download (that's the Love for your iPod sorted) the movie Love will provide a much-loved distraction from Hallmark sentiments and too much chocolate! If this double whammy of Tom DeLonge isn't enough for your ears, then set your sights on an incredible Blink 182 reunion as they estranged trio begin work on their new album later this year.

Keep your eyes peeled for new treasures from Gallows-inspired The Gaslight Anthem, Merthyr rockers The Blackout, a You Me At Six make-it or break-it and complete mind fuck from Dillinger Escape Plan.
Stay tuned for more new releases, gigs and news & views.


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Well, well, it is. A brand new decade and my brand new blog which, ironically isn't back by public demand. Infact, this is my blog cherry being popped right infront of your eyes. Weird, right?
Moving swiftly is my blog. Ground breaking? Possibly not. Another music blog? Let's hope not. But here, with me, you can enjoy my sarcasm and adjective laden views on music.
Any questions? Sweet.

Oh yeah, happy bloody new year!