Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Boxer

After releasing his debut solo offering, The Boxer, Kele Okereke captivated the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury last weekend. Unleashing the material live a mere five days after its release was a brave move but one that certainly paid off as, despite not quite being a household name yet without the Bloc Party moniker, Kele slaughtered the wrongfully half-full tent with his brand new big hitters.

The Boxer is a collection of eleven dance tracks with rock beats slid inbetween. Kicking off with leviathan track Walking Tall, with its intro of ring-around chants commands you move from the opener. Kele's trademark vocals float over top of mega-watt synths creating an in your face, hyperbolic version of Bloc Party's The Prayer.

Body movers On The Lam, The Other Side and first single off the album, Tenderoni provide the perfect backdrop to any Saturday night showdown with their anthemic hooks and super-massive electronic riffs. Ideal fodder for summer festivals and club nights from here on in.

Although not a whole world away from his Bloc Party past, with this record Kele has taken the next step from his former band to carve a name for himself in the music scene as a solo artist. Showing himself to be the electro-dance-rock wundermeister with his veritable smorgasbord of synthed up noise, he has created an album that is all killer no filler.

The Boxer is available now to buy and download.
Check out tracks:  The Other Side, The New Rules and Tenderoni
For fans of: Bloc Party, Foals and Delphic
Head to: for a free Larry Tee and Beckwith remix of Tenderoni.

In Pursuit Of Courage & Heart

Rob Lynch is Lost On Campus and his latest EP In Pursuit Of Courage & Heart is a burst of acoustic sunshine. A 5-track musing on life's trials and tribulations provides a first glimpse into this storyteller's minds eye.

Open Sesame and I'm A Dreamer, Baby! give an honest insight into young love's dream; stories enveloped in shapely guitars and delicate piano tunes. Singalong choruses and effervescent pop beats make for delectable acoustic fodder for anyone with a beating heart.

An ode to the party lifestyle befitting our generation comes in the form of Whisky. Remembering the stories that are usually laid to rest in the haze of 4am. Lyrics and notes tinged with a mixture of remorse, realism and elation bring the tales of JD fuelled antics to life on a relatable level.

The Party Never Dies adds some much needed variety to what is an acoustic record through and through. By introducing dreamy soundscapes, Lost On Campus truly shows that he is not just a one trick pony but can confidently use fresh sounds and layers to his advantage.

On the whole an EP showcasing an acoustic talent with promise as he laments the realities of life and love through sentimental sonics both palatable, soothing and nostalgic. LOC can sit back and take in the view as In Pursuit Of Courage & Heart sends him on his way to the next big step. Watch this space.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Mixtape Monday: Sarah Quick and Louise Atack

Mixtape Monday is a touch late this week due to Glastonbury Recover time - basically I slept away Monday. But here it is.

A joint effort from Sarah Quick and Louise Atack. Sarah is a fashion blogger from Cardiff and Glasto-virgin no more. Louise hails from Dubai where she works as a brand manager for Dubai 92. She too is no longer a Glasto-virgin and both girls have found a love for muddy fields, festival strength Brothers and not washing for days on end.
Here is their mixtape.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Hybrid Theory

DJ Jeff Mills has come up with a belter of a gadget. The DJ and producer has created a CD-Vinyl hybrid for those old-school-nu-school bangers. Everything you need to know is at

Monday, 14 June 2010

New Music Monday

Ooooh! It is a very exciting day today as the hotly anticipated American Slang was released today. After facing obstacles, like severe writer's block, along the way The Gaslight Anthem's third album is finally available for all to devour. American Slang is complete with ten tracks which effervesces with the spirit of a band who have found their soul, sound and voice. Check out tracks Stay Lucky, The Queen Of Lower Chelsea and title track and first single off the album, American Slang.

We Are Scientists have released their 4th album, entitled Barbara. Another indie pop gem stacked with disco beats, guitar riffs to make you beam from ear to ear and ofcourse Keith Murray's shining light of melodies catchier than a swine flu in a pig sty.

Catch both bands on tours and in various festivals across the country over the coming months.

Mum's Rock

For all those on a Download comedown, or even a lack-of-Download funk, the one and only Suze has created a unique mixtape including some of the best vintage Mum Rock anthems of all time. This collection of tracks from all walks of music life will perk you right up in no time

Monday, 7 June 2010

Ben Cockram's Mixtape Monday

Another fine playlist. This week from Dubai's Cardifferent lad, Ben Cockram. Ask how he is and he'll no doubt reply 'mental', he once threw up in a girl's shoes and he really, really loves crisps. Mr Cockram, we heart you and your Pontcanna Cider Summer mixtape.

Stuart Cable Passes, aged 40

This morning Stuart Cable, former Stereophonics' drummer, was found dead at his home in LLwydcoed, South Wales.

A full story complete with tributes from friends and family can be found on BBC News.

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this difficult time.

RIP Stuart.

Friday, 4 June 2010

JEW New Album News

Emo Godfathers Jimmy Eat World are on the verge of a brand new album, they Tweeted the news only minutes ago. I'm not gonna lie, that is massively exciting.

We're Heading for a Heart Heart Heartbreak

Boys Likes Girls have a brand spanking new video for their brand spanking new single, Heart Heart Heartbreak, which let's be honest is the best pop-rock tune on their new album, Love Drunk.
Here it is...

Just Watch The Fireworks

You can download your free Just Watch The Fireworks EP right here.

Their name is born out of a classic Jimmy Eat World song and the Leeds natives are gifting you their first, self titled EP off the back of 2 years of gigs and writing songs. Just Watch The Fireworks is made from Paul Hewson heading up vocals, John Devlin on guitar and piano,  Lloyd Beaumont on guitar, Conor Dawson on drums and Nick Hart-Woods on bass as they tell tales of growing old not growing up.

Enjoy this delicious taster of alt-pop pie.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Free Religion

Make your way over to today for your exclusive Bad Religion album (Epitaph) as a free download. Bad Religion have been forging the path of punk rock for 30 years with many new bands citing them as major influences.

Born to sing, the first lyrics to fall out of frontman Greg Graffin's mouth at that first rehearsal were sung to the tune of 'This isn't art, this is suicide', something sure to make his school choir teachers shudder.

Armed with only a microphone borrowed from Brett, a 'head full of anti-authoritarian ideas' and a leather jacket from his Grandma which he poetically spray painted with 'Fuck armageddon this is hell', Bad Religion started on their epic journey in 1980.

1981 saw the start of big things when 'Bad Religion' was written, recorded and released as a 7" EP on a cassette and passed it over to future band member, Circle Jerk's Greg Hetson. He in turn dropped the recording into the hands of legendary LA punk, DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, and Bad Religion hit the airwaves on his popular Sunday night radio show. A buzz whirled around the first punk band to hail from San Fernando Valley, aka The Valley. With a mainstay fan base coming from all cultures and backgrounds, Bad Religion have their first show in The Vex, East Soho in Los Angeles to thank; a venue with a bad reputation for 'gangs, shootings and fights'.

From 1982's How Could Hell Be Any Worse? to 1983's genius like Into The Unknown  right up to No Control, Against The Grain and Generator, The Holy Trilogy of Bad Religion's discography, and beyond this LA punk troubadours are still as relevant and adored now as 30 years ago.

Download their exclusive live album for free at