Sunday, 5 September 2010


With gossip of Lostprophet's Ian Watkins reportedly starring in a bisexual sextape spreading across the ether faster than Usian Bolt, isn't it about time someone gave us a sextape that wasn't cheap, grotesque or dripping in desperation for attention? (IWat's alleged partner/Photoshopper must be proud of their handy-work!) Anyway, it must be our lucky day as Sacramento alt metal icons Deftones serve us up the video for their latest single, aptly named Sextape.
The beautifully shot screen play poses as the perfect match for the sublime new single of critically acclaimed, Diamond Eyes.  Sextape marries Chino Moreno's sublime vocals with seductive moirĂ© and signature delicacy.

Sadly, the embed codes wouln't work so here's the link to the video on Sextape

Aural Fixation

Ooooh! There are a few new bands on the block which have my ear curved their way and I just can't help checking out their tunes and skinny jean clad bums...shameless!

Futures are Ant West, Casey Roarty, George Lindsay and Christian Ward. They hail from glorious London and have an album of sweet rock hooks and melodies called The Holiday. It is sure to make you smile. No, seriously. Do not miss them on tour this September.

 Hands up if you want Blink 182's Tom Delonge to handpick you for the Kerrang! Stage at Slam Dunk 2010? For Newbury's own Francesqa this was the stunning reality. And so they rocked Slam Dunkers with a hard slab of rock adding on a side slice of delicious popability. This is not a bad thing, ok. Francesqa is built out of Ashley Wilkie on vox, Ben Hordos slapping the bass, Warren Senior banging the drums and axemen Joe Hicks and Tom Millar. This is the video for their debut single, Ghosts.

Brothers Nick and Jonathan Diener, Ryan Collins and Anto Boros have been on the punk scene since 2002 as...The Swellers. With latest album Ups And Downsizing under their belt, stints on tour with Paramore and Vans Warped Tour and forthcoming tour as main support slot to current Britrock Breakthrough favourites, Young Guns. Here's the link to Fire Away.