Saturday, 7 August 2010

Video Kills

My first week in London. It's busy, busy and, erm, busy! It's Saturday, the girls and I are slightly worse for wear after busting some shapes in Islington's The Old Queen's head last night where Foals put on a DJ set. Good, bad or ugly we can't be sure but what is helping us through the day is tea and music videos.

What Is Light Where Is Laughter and Lightspeed from Twin Atlantic (I couldn't pick just one!) are winners in every sense for me. If you're lucky enough to be seeing Blink 182 on their whistle stop UK 'tour' then do not miss their unparalleled support band.

Caroline is off to Sleigh Bells on Monday so her choice has naturally been from the New York Florida hybrid and scrappy electro-pop noiseniks.  Watch the Kids video.

Kele has caught the eye and ear of Miss Quick with his dreamy vocals, electro dance synths and bulging biceps. Tenderoni is the premier single of his debut solo album and this is the video that has her throwing some shapes around the living inbetween outbursts of Broadway choruses...did you get the hotplate?

For Shelley, sadly we couldn't get hold of any Moist Tights but we did manage to track down some Justin Bieber which, let's be honest, has about the same gross factor so will not be making an appearance on BBPD. Enjoy some Straight Lines instead, Shelley. Their Welsh like you are.

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