Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Oasis, Warriors and Death

Holy crap! What a week or so it has been!

Noel Gallagher is heading back into the studio to record some solo shizzle. Seeing as he was always the talent of Oasis we should be pretty stoked to hear what he has to offer.

The beautiful and talented, erm I mean beautifully talented Brandon Flowers treated homeland Las Vegas to his first solo gig boasting tracks off his debut Flamingo. 

A shock came from hardcore troop Crime In Stereo as they announced their break up via Twitter causing music media to question motives and possible hoaxes. The band had been forced to cancel many recent shows as a result of frontman Kristian Hallbert's jaw infection although it is yet to be confirmed if this is a contributing factor to their demise. Their final words came on August 9th via twitter. A very sad day.

In brighter news, Reading warriors Exit Ten are gearing up to show us what they're capable of as they get brand new tracks ready for their second studio album. Not just another bunch of hardcore lads, they treated fans to news of plans to begin recording their follow-up to debut Remember The Day, in October. Ryan and co, we are super exited for this one! Get your butts to iTunes and download their storming debut offering like, yesterday...or listen here: spotify:user:jessacres:playlist:4Q1A4gSrRtVZeIk6qWt38C

Want to know what the 50 best new artists are of 2010? You have two choices.
1) Get busy and compile your own list of this year's musical El Genios or
2) Let NME do the work for you.

Luckily for us, they already have! Find out who made the top 50 by getting over to http://www.nme.com/ for some of 2010's arguably best acts.

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