Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Street Goliaths and Rock n Roll

This weekend I hit up NASS Festival in Royal Bath and West this weekend for a shit load of action sports and rock n roll to boot. In line, skate boarding and BMX kept me quiet but the streetboarders were the icing on my extreme sports cake with their near-Goliath defying stunts. Competing for cash they literally lost their skin and added to their scar collection as the airs got bigger, the tricks got more dangerous and the constitute streak in each of them grew; the fake-skaters (kidding!) pulled in the crowds with double backflips, sevens and a couple of the guys even riding switch. Mental, mental, mental.

The one action sport we could all partake in went down in the sadly rarely-full Kerrang! Stage where rock's finest young talents shook the converted cowshed to the core; despite the questionable acoustics they all battled on to throw out massive mosh-along anthems. Musical highlights came from Young Guns with performances of killer tracks off their new album, All Our Kings Are Dead (go buy it now!). Crazy Arm vibed their punk-blues schmooze across the airwaves and meandered into the ear canals of their captivated crowd. Exit Ten ripped it up with their hardcore melodies and tales of record label woe in a way that most present frontal lobes will be feeling for a while. The Ghosts Of A Thousand, well, TGOAT bowled over the closest to capacity the Kerrang! Stage had seen all weekend with their onstage japes, crowd surfs, circle pits and premature walls of death - third time lucky, eh guys!

Frolics and japes and banter...oh my! The Athlete's Bar was the place to be with the DJs dishing out club bumpers for the kids on the dancefloor and foam half-pipe alike...despite street Goliaths Stripey Neil and Grumpy Josh ladelling under the stars! Nice one guys, you made my NASS.

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