Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Lessons From Dan

Lesson 1: Grooveshark and Tesseract (all my friend's are metalheads). If you are not familier with grooveshark I suggest you do so.... NOW!!! Head on over to Google and type it in. Grooveshark is basically a website version of Spotify although anyone can upload songs that they want not just signed published albums etc....

Anyways back to the main point of this, TESSERACT!! They are a UK based progressive metal band from South England and if, like me, you get a bit bored of slapstick vending machine metal that can only be differentiated by the colour of their underwear, then this is most definitely a band for you. There are 2 songs in particular that must be listened too and admired; the first and I think the best al lround sample of tesseract is "April Song" this is just unbelievable and also my favourite. The song starts with a heavy drum line that is a standard signature but the accents are placed uniquely giving the effect that it isnt a standard time or at least in time but trust me it is. They also have this amazing ambient sound effect teamed with heavy thudding bass lines and a couple of distorted guitars which switch back to clean every now again so smoothly that you could go as far as say that this could be a relaxing song!

Song 2 "part 7 sax solo" (if your on groove shark do not choose the one that says "part 7 sax solo old" its not the same and not as good) this shows just how experimental these guys are willing to be. In a nutshell its a sax player soloing over a head bashingly heavy guitar line with drums that make you wanna air drum and jump up and down at the same time. This is not for the impatient as at first it is weird and will grow on you.... very very quickly actually!

All I can say is that get groovesharking everyone and just listen to everything Tesseract have to offer its all immense and there is no other word than awesome.
Dan Colgan

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